Women In Tech: The Book!

“I don’t believe that there’s a vast conspiracy to keep women out of tech.”

Tarah Wheeler Van Vlack

Last week I wrote an article that was inspired by Sheryl Sandberg’s book. Today, I found my words in a different place – a Kickstarter project called “Women in Tech: The Book“.

So, apparently, I’m not the only one that believes there isn’t any conspiracy against women in tech. If there are double standards or situations when misogynistic attitudes arise – well, that is a different story.

Even so, I do believe that our inner voices are the ones telling us the most hurtful and discouraging things. I am not good enough or I could never do that or I should have handled things better. I’ve rarely seen women feeling entirely confident about themselves, or confident enough to fake it :). We have such a “great” way of feeling shy or awkward about our accomplishments and guilty about everything else that’s gone bad, even if it’s out of our control.

So, when you combine our weird way of thinking with an industry that is dominated by men, there’s bound to be some trouble. The majority of guys don’t seem to have any concerns about their natural abilities. They’re naturally confident and like to boast about their achievements, either real or imaginary. That’s just the way they are build and they shouldn’t be resented for it.

I was talking with my friend Anca Albu the other day and our mutual consensus was that the biggest issue with women in tech nowadays is that we don’t really have a culture. We have some confident, naturally born leaders, some girls who just like to flip their hair and receive favors, but the saddest of all, we have a lot of amazingly good developers that are too shy to even talk about what they do. When they do talk about it, they always, always downplay their work, like it isn’t anything important. Those are the kind that are best at telling themselves that they are not good enough, and I should know, because I was one of them.

I still have my doubt moments. I wish that a book like “Women In Tech” was available years ago. But, if there is a right time for women in tech, it is now. Like Anca said, we have a duty of showing to other girls that they too can be under the spotlight and thrive.