First time CEO? Be humble, but have balls!

Tine Thygesen is an accomplished startup founder, brand builder and mentor with over 10 years experience in internet businesses on senior executive level, that I’ve met while attending Startupbootcamp in 2010. Back then, Tine was the CEO of 23 and already a seasoned entrepreneur and mentor. At the beginning of this year we finally reconnected and I had the chance to pick her brain about her experience as a CEO of several startups (including her latest company – Everplaces) and the toughest decisions she had to make along the way.

Tine is creative, smart and ambitious, and a model that all first time CEOs should aspire to. I know that her journey wasn’t easy and for those people that look for shortcuts on becoming a successful entrepreneur over night — well, there aren’t any shortcuts, only a path made out of tough decisions.

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