Interview Discover CEE – 3 tips for women to be successful in IT

1. Recognize and treat the “imposter syndrome”

Everyone should recognize and treat the “imposter syndrome (a pervasive feeling of insecurity and self-doubt despite often evidence to the contrary). I think it’s very important to set expectations and understand that we all suffer from it.

2. Don’t bring yourself down

It’s difficult enough to build a career, without having to fight for ourselves all the time. I have seen women who are particularly good at setting impossibly high standards for themselves and expecting perfection. In some programming workshops, some women delete their code entirely instead of showing something that doesn’t work perfectly.

3. You learn skills, you’re not born with them

And lastly: Skills are learned, we are not born with them. Cultivating a growth mindset is key in personal development.

This article was first published on Discover CEE.